Welcome to Machinery-onQ!

This platform is the culmination of many months of hard work and its launch, on 6 July 2017, marks an exciting milestone in the life of ForkliftAction Media.

Forkliftaction.com is the biggest online news and business platform for materials handling, and a trusted ‘voice’ within the industry. After operating the machinery ‘Marketplace’ on Forkliftaction.com for over a decade, the Forkliftaction team has drawn from years of user feedback to create Machinery-onQ.

The name Machinery-onQ, was chosen based on the English expression ‘on cue’ (‘at the right time’, ‘just as expected’) as that is just what it aims to be: one place where buyers, sellers, traders, managers and operators know that they can effectively find or move their machinery.

This trading platform is built on three aspirations:

  1. Rethink Online Trading

    Present a unique platform that epitomises the best of contemporary business practices and empowers its users with a productive and hassle-free trading experience.


    Utilise state-of-the-art technology and intelligence and promote usability through fresh, uncluttered design.


    Provide a tool that is both inclusive in scope, through catering to a wide range of equipment, and flexible in reach, allowing traders to sell worldwide, or to target more local markets.

We hope that you enjoy discovering the many features that make Machinery-onQ an easy to use and effective tool, and a leading platform for machinery trading.

Make sure to send us your feedback at the end of your visit.

Enjoy your stay!

Ann Hofmans

CEO, ForkliftAction Media Pty Ltd


Machinery-onQ is designed to save buyers valuable time when searching for the right machine:

  • Sort by ‘Type’:Click on machines by ‘type’ and have instant access to thousands of machine listings that match your interests. In addition to forklifts, warehouse movers and stackers, container handlers and port cranes, you will find aerial work platforms, tow trucks and industrial sweepers.
  • Single out the right machines:A comprehensive set of filters will help you isolate preferred brands or models, offers within your price range, machines that can perform a specific task, or all the above and more.
  • Save, compare and consult later:Shortlist suitable listings with one click on the star icon, compare specifications and check back on them later.
  • Connect instantly:Activate the ‘Instant Enquiry’ feature to establish new connections with one click.


Machine profiles are descriptions of the machines you work with or machines that you currently need. It could be the brand(s) of machinery you operate or represent, the type(s) of machines you trade in, or a machine with very specific requirements that you are trying to source right now.

Machinery-onQ strives to shorten the gap between buyers and sellers through providing intelligent systems that are capable of connecting users with matching interests. You can receive alerts about interesting offers and also have your listings recommended to potential buyers.

Save time and hit the ‘SAVE THIS PROFILE’ link in the search results. Next time you visit you can apply the same set of filters with just one click.


Machinery-onQ is the right place to sell all your used machinery.

Whether you are an operator, a fleet manager or a dealer of mobile machinery: you can find a buyer for your machines with a quick, easy and low-cost listing on Machinery-onQ.

Simply click the ADD A MACHINE button and enter the details of your machine. When the listing is ready for publication, click the ACTIVATE button, pay the listing fee and your listing will promptly be activated for up to 91 days.

Machinery-onQ is the online marketplace to trade in new, used and/or hire machines. Wholesale access unlocks a number of exclusive trading and marketing features to help you boost your business.

Is trading machinery your business? You may be eligible for wholesale access.


Click DASHBOARD in the menu to get a quick snap-shot of your business on Machinery-onQ. See a succinct overview of your listings and sales leads together with statistics and quick-links captured on the one screen.

Via your Dashboard you can:

  • Access and manage your Shortlist.
  • Create and manage your Machine Profiles.
  • Create, activate and manage your machinery Listings.
  • Manage your enquiries with potential buyers and/or sellers.

Performance statistics, price comparisons, business alerts and listing strength scores help you get the most from your transactions on Machinery-onQ.


Machinery-onQ aims to be a platform that works for everyone, anywhere in the world. Whether your business reaches the world, or you prefer to operate locally, we intend to provide the right platform for you.

We currently operate 4 region-specific versions of the platform:

  • AMERICAS, for North & South America
  • EUROPE, for Western, Eastern Europe inc European Russia
  • ASIA, for Middle East, South, East and Southeast Asia
  • OCEANIA, for Australia and the Malay Archipelago

New regional versions will be added soon.

Machinery-onQ is an ambitious project! We have many more features and additions already designed and planned for launch in the near future. We will keep you up to date of any further opportunities as they arise.