Articulated & Turret Forklifts

The articulated forklift combines the power of a counterbalance forklift and the agility of the pallet stacker. The articulated swivel mast allows for easy manoeuvring and handling of pallets within narrow aisles. Loads can easily be moved in and out the narrow aisle, then be turned to face the racking because of the swivel movement of the mast. The turret truck is designed to handle goods in even narrower aisles. The turret truck is therefore often called a Very Narrow Aisle truck or VNA. With a turret truck the operator is in the cabin which is lifted along the mast for easy order picking. The forks are mounted on a smaller mast in front of the driver. This smaller mast rotates 180 degrees to give the operator easy access to both sides of the aisle. The e-commerce boom has led to retailers needing to increase available storage space for increased on-hand stock volume to fill orders. The very specialized VNA truck is ideal for these high volume handling applications in high capacity warehouses.

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