Pedestrian Stackers

Pedestrian/walkie stacker is a ‘walk-behind’ pallet mover with a mast that lifts pallets up to heights. Walkie stackers are used in many businesses, from small retailers to large distribution centres. They allow operators to manoeuvre small loads safely through narrow warehouse aisles or in places with low height conditions such as some storage rooms. They transport goods between receiving docks or delivery trucks and storage racking or production lines. Walkie stackers distribute the weight of the load either with front legs, straddle legs or with a counter-balance weight. Some walkie stackers use a pantographic fork attachment or a centred reach cylinder to reach for pallets inside racking or on trailers/trucks. Pedestrian stackers can be manual or electric. Some pedestrian stackers also feature a small platform that allows the operator to ride on the stacker.

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