Tailift USA has opened its new Distribution and Training Center in Houston, Texas. The new location triples the warehouse space and high-demand spare parts. The new location also offers a state-of-the-art Sales and Service Training Center for in-person and live events, which will support dealer technicians and sales representatives going forward.

The distribution warehouse increases floor space, and vertical storage with high-rack storage for small parts.This allows Tailift USA to increase the total number of parts in stock to best serve our customers.

The Distribution Center utilizes brand new Tailift Warehouse Material Handling in the storage and picking process.

The new Distribution Center and the new Sales and Service Training Facility are important milestones of our North American growth. It puts the necessary foundation in place to provide state-of-the-art aftermarket support to our high-performing Sales and Service Dealer Network. The entire project took several months from planning to launch, and it also substantially improved the work environment for our Customer Service team.

The new training center will support dealer technicians and sales representatives. In addition to in-person training, the training center will produce live webinars in the new center. An additional service, technicians and sales representatives throughout North America will be supported through these live webinars.

Our products include: